The most important factor…

The pressure is on at the start of the week. I see all my face to face and ‘virtual’ clients from Monday to Wednesday and do consultancy work and stuff for the Fearless Female group on Thursday and Friday. Emails and social media stuff is done as early in the week as possible, so that […]

Feeling like a Fraud…

I sometimes get quizzical looks and questions about having suffered badly from anxiety. It was such a long time ago but even now, I remember exactly how debilitating it felt. I’m naturally confident and upbeat and some would say quite a strong personality…….although I’m aware that some may phrase that differently !! I notice that […]

Health Anxiety Secrets…

If you ask Google about health anxiety, you’ll be met with huge amounts of information. I always think this is great for learning more about what exactly health anxiety is but pretty rubbish if you’re looking for solutions. An attempt at looking for solutions will come up with things like mindfulness, take more walks and […]

Top tips to handle negative thoughts…

There’s a huge difference between worry thoughts and intrusive thoughts. If you have a worry thought about not being able to pay your bills and ending up homeless, this is a worry thought rather than an intrusive one. There is however an overlap between intrusive thoughts and worry thoughts as they often happen to people […]

Intrusive thoughts…

You’re just getting on with your day, when out of the blue a strange and often upsetting thought pops up in your head. Why does your brain do this and are the thoughts true? Could the thoughts be the real you and your true self? Do any of these sound familiar? You’re driving on the […]


There’s a lot of talk about ‘narcissism’ and I hear it becoming a commonly used word. There’s a huge difference between somebody who has narcissistic behaviours and a clinical diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. Somebody who has a tendency towards narcissistic behaviour will be selfish, self-centred and have a need for attention to be focused […]

Perfectly imperfect…

What does perfection look like?   If perfection is used positively, you’ll be goal-driven and motivated with a (seemingly) strong sense of focus. If you use perfectionism negatively, you will set internal standards for yourself that are impossible to achieve, which will leave you feeling disappointed (in yourself). You’ll not only evaluate yourself negatively, but […]

Are you in control?

I can’t swim very well. I can swim, but i’m not a very strong swimmer. Because I work with fear and anxiety, I feel it’s important to challenge myself and keep my own mindset tip-top. Every year, I do something that challenges me, although Covid has delayed that slightly.  A couple of years ago, I […]

Are you suffering with disturbed sleep?

Xmas is a time when our usual sleep times and routines go right out the window. We all tend to go to bed later and enjoy the luxury of lying-in bed later. The problem with this is that it upsets your natural rhythm and that can be difficult to reset. If you’re experiencing stress in […]

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The moment when you think your life’s going to pieces

(And exactly what you can do to fix it without NHS waiting lists and anti-depressants) See if this sounds familiar… It’s the school run. You drop your kids off at the gate and then rush off; can’t risk awkward small talk with the mums. Then the weekend comes. A friend’s 40th. You haven’t been out […]

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