overcome anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication

If you’re suffering from anxiety, numbing the pain with medication is not always the best solution. Rather than hiding the feelings of worry and dread with a cocktail of pills, surely the answer is to actually deal with what is causing you anxiety in the first place? Of course, you can take medication in the […]

From recluse to social butterfly – how to handle social anxiety and live your best life

If you hide yourself away at the back of the classroom, in the back of meetings, at the back of the group photos at weddings (if you even make it to the wedding itself that is), you know full well the crippling anxiety that accompanies social situations and how debilitating it can be. You also […]

Perfectionsim and anxiety

Perfectly Imperfect

Of course, we all want to do things well, a quest for perfection can be admirable. There is however, a huge difference between wanting to do things well and having a problem with perfectionism. It’s incredibly frustrating when people persist in perfecting tasks and attending to detail in a way that makes tasks take much […]

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental health help is an absolute sh*t show. It’s unregulated, disregarded and hardly anyone seems to get the help they need. It takes real courage for you to stand up and admit you’ve got something you need help with, to end up feeling confused, worthless and worse off. I’m beginning to get really pi**ed off […]

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