Anxiety Why Me?

Anxiety, Why Me?

Worries, fears and anxieties can affect us all differently. People who experience anxiety problems often want to know why anxiety why me? Research tells us that there are 3 main factors that anxiety related problems can be linked to; • Environment, level of life stress and available support.• Personality type and childhood experience (learning).• Psychological […]

Why Are You Still Struggling?

Why Are You Still Struggling?

I’ve just had a review posted on my Facebook. Its an incredibly brave move to do so. Posting this may mean that somebody finally gets the help they need. Mental health is a problem that people don’t like to talk about, and the taboo of mental health problems means that people often don’t get the […]

Step away from your laptop

One of the main things that help to keep people stuck in the health anxiety trap is to Google symptoms. Every twinge, ache, pain or change sends them to Google which unsurprisingly comes up with some very dramatic results. Now I know that all anxiety sufferers are aware of the reality but at that moment […]

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