A fast and effective signpost about what to do next

20 minutes of help – £60

Sometimes you may just need a bit of professional advice from an expert. If you want a signpost as to where you go next, the outline of a solution, or just to check in, this is the appointment for you. Please note, this appointment isn’t suitable for couples and is available over the phone or zoom only.

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How to find the happiness you’ve been searching for

55 minutes of help – £175

Chances are you’ve found yourself on this page like many others, because you want something to change. You’re at the point when you just need an escape from the feeling of overwhelm and stuckness. An escape that doesn’t mean ignoring it and just hoping that things will spontaneously change.

And you’re probably wondering if you can be helped, if this thing can be fixed or if you’re just stuck feeling like this. Like Groundhog Day, going round and round the same day, not knowing how to make it stop.

Clicking the button and making an appointment means that together, we’ll find the answers you need, quickly and permanently. Over 20 years of experience and multiple degrees to Doctorate level tell me that you’re probably doing more and more of what’s causing you the problem, in an attempt to make things better.

This is what will happen;

  1. We’ll start by finding out how the problem fits together.
  2. Then we’ll find the right way for you to do things differently.
  3. Finally, we’ll ensure these changes become new habits and are permanent.

Together, we’ll find a way forwards towards the life you’d rather be living. A life that brings you the happiness and freedom you’ve always wanted. A life where you’re finally able to show up as the best version of yourself.

Totally in control of the way things are and at last feeling a sense of peace.

We’ll work together for 55 minutes, in my office until you’re where you want to be in life. You can come in as little or as often as you need, you’re in charge.

Each time we meet, I’ll build on where you are and how to push things forward in a way you never knew was possible.

Just click the button to make this happen.

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How to get solutions fast that help you live life on your terms

90 minutes of pure solutions with a blueprint for happiness – £250

Time, health and happiness are our most precious commodities. Landing on this page means that you’re definitely struggling with at least two of these things, let’s not make it all three.

Clearly, you’re looking for solutions to a problem that’s blighting your life. Solutions that you’re unable to find yourself. To a problem that’s not getting any better and may well end up far worse.

Perhaps the stress of things not changing is compounding the problem. Every day that passes starts to remind you that you’re still in that downwards spiral. Time spent feeling okay is getting less and less.

Sometimes that brain fog stops you feeling hope. Hope that there is a solution and things can change. When that brain fog kicks in, people sometimes need to have all the detail. All the detail of exactly what’s going wrong and how you can fix it. Yes, definitely fix it… for good.

If there are 2 of you coming in for relationship or family solutions, this is the best appointment for you. 90 minutes means that both of will have enough time to be properly heard.

We’ll speed up this whole process so that you spend as little time as possible in utter discomfort and quickly get to you sheer happiness.

Click the button now to make things happen quickly.

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How to be free of the overwhelm and find peace, now

2 hours 45 minutes of solutions, with a blueprint for life written just for you – £500

Sometimes you just hit the wall. Life grinds to a total halt and you have no idea how you’ll ever be able to carry on.

Either you’ve been accumulating layers of stress, or life has suddenly blind-sided you. Either way, you need help now, and not just a sticking plaster.

I understand… totally. It’s so frustrating when I see people and just know that they’re in this place. I hate having to stop the consultation, just when it feels like we’re getting somewhere… knowing that I’m going to have to wait a week to continue.

Sometimes 55 minutes is just not enough time. Nearly 3 hours is exactly the right amount of time if you’re wondering how you’ll ever feel better. And not just better, but the best you’ve ever been.

I know you need more. I know I need to find you a way forwards and hold your hand along that path. I promise you that you’ll walk out of my office feeling hopeful, and lighter than you’ve felt in a long time.

A total solution that gets your life back on track. If you’re at breaking point, click the button to take back control.

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